I produce, edit, and host independent podcast The Femmecast, for Black femmes navigating queer spaces, straight spaces, and all the weird places in between.

Finding Solace in Queer Friendships The Femmecast

Do your friendships with other queer people hit a lil' harder than your friendships with straight people? Or do they feel the same?  This week I'm introducing you to one of my closest friends Saaji, who is a writer, artist, podcaster and more! We get into the nitty gritty of friendships, how all chosen family don't stay "chosen family" 🥴, and the best ways to assess if your lack of friends may actually reflect how you show up in friendships. Have any thoughts on friendships with queer folks that we didn't talk about? Message us on social with your thoughts! Please leave a review wherever you're listening and the Femmecast will see you again in two months for Season 3! Listen to Meditation for Misfits!  — Music produced by Tano. Follow @GoTano on Soundcloud. Follow The Femmecast on Instagram at @femmecastpodcast and Twitter at @femmecastpodcst. Email for advertising rates at femmecastpodcast@gmail.com.
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