Janaya Greene is a social media strategist and south side Chicago native who wrote award-winning short film Veracity (2015) and was selected in the top 1% of over 2,000 applicants as a 2021 Hillman Grad Mentorship Lab TV Writing Track finalist; she was also a SoCreate 2020 Screenwriter Stimulus Competition finalist. She is a DJ who is passionate about connecting folks in the African Diaspora together through Black sounds from across the world.

Most recently she’s written two episodes of the Tales of the Text scripted podcast for teens. Her stories delve into the complexities of queer Black womanhood, with a focus on queer romantic and platonic relationships. In addition to music and screenwriting, Janaya loves Black literature. She is a storyteller and audience engagement professional with passions for uplifting queer Black stories, community building and mild sauce. House music is her love language.

Janaya currently manages social media for OTV, a platform for intersectional series, pilots, and video art that supports Chicago artists in producing and exhibiting indie media, film, and TV. She’s also a freelance social media strategist open to providing digital marketing services. She’s previously worked at City Bureau, the New York Times Journalism Institute, and Vice Media. Proficient in English and Ebonics. Say hi.