Some Black millennials refuse to be forced out of Chicago, others have no choice


Dominique James, 23, posing in her Hyde Park neighborhood | Photos by Qurissy Lopez (The TRiiBE)

Black folks being forced around and out of Chicago ain’t nothing new.

In the late 1950s, the University of Chicago displaced low-income Black residents as it expanded its campus area. Today, neighboring Jackson Park, Woodlawn and Englewood share the same fear of being priced out as they prepare for the new Obama Presidential Center to move into the neighborhood.

Many Black Chicagoans are hoping the city’s next mayor will protect them from being pushed out by rising costs.

In the meantime, despite a population decline of at least 200,000 Black Chicago residents since 2000, some Black millennials are fighting back by intentionally staying in Chicago to contribute their talents and Blackness to the city that made them who they are. Dominique James, 23, is one of them.

Read the full story on The Triibe’s website.

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