Film Review |South Side is an inside joke even outsiders will get

The Comedy Central series offers a nuanced, and incredibly funny, depiction of Englewood you won’t see on the news. Comedy Central’s South Side isn’t interested in making north-siders—or any nonsouth-side Chicagoan, for that matter—laugh, but it’s sure to get plenty of kicks out of them anyway. Read the full story here.

Film Review | Eastland: Chicago’s Deadliest Day

One of Chicago’s best-kept secrets takes center stage in Chuck Coppola and Harvey Moshman’s documentary. The year is 1915, and thousands of Western Electric factory workers, most of whom are eastern-European immigrants, board the SS Eastland on the Chicago River to sail to neighboring Michigan City, Indiana, for a rare vacation day with their families. Unfortunately no… Read More Film Review | Eastland: Chicago’s Deadliest Day

‘MOMMA’s Act’ to lower U.S. maternal deaths

This spring Illinois Congresswoman Robin Kelly and Senator Dick Durbin are proposing the “Mothers and Offspring Mortality and Morbidity Awareness” (MOMMA’s) Act in the House and Senate, respectively, with the goal of improving maternal and postpartum care across the nation, and especially to address the persistent gap between Black and white mothers. Read the full… Read More ‘MOMMA’s Act’ to lower U.S. maternal deaths

Some Black millennials refuse to be forced out of Chicago, others have no choice

  Dominique James, 23, posing in her Hyde Park neighborhood | Photos by Qurissy Lopez (The TRiiBE) Black folks being forced around and out of Chicago ain’t nothing new. In the late 1950s, the University of Chicago displaced low-income Black residents as it expanded its campus area. Today, neighboring Jackson Park, Woodlawn and Englewood share the same… Read More Some Black millennials refuse to be forced out of Chicago, others have no choice

South Side Elections: 21st Ward

Incumbent Alderman Howard Brookins, Jr., who has served four terms since ousting Daley-appointed Leonard DeVille in a contentious runoff in 2003, is running for re-election against retired city zoning inspector Marvin McNeil, insurance broker Joseph Ziegler, Jr., and city Department of Public Health administrative assistant Patricia A. Foster. Read the full post in South Side Weekly.